ScoreCard® Merchandise and Travel Rewards

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CCU's VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card features ScoreCard® Rewards. You earn points for purchases* made with your card that can be redeemed for a variety of items, including merchandise, gift cards, airfare, hotels, travel packages, event tickets, and more. There are special features just for CCU members, like the ability to redeem points for a cash-back credit on your credit card statement.

Points update daily! You don't have to wait until the end of the month to see and redeem your new total.


  Once you have your card, be sure to visit the ScoreCard® site often to see the limited-time offers available to you:
ScoreMore Icon ScoreMore:  Earn bonus points at selected merchant locations and online. Merchant locations are based on the zip code you provide when settng up your ScoreCard account. You must log in to your ScoreCard account and activate your ScoreMore offers. Don't miss out - visit the ScoreCard site often!
Daily Wins Icon Daily Wins: Redeem a few points to enter drawings for merchandise, gift cards, tickets, and more.
Merchandise Icon Merchandise: Members can combine points with their ScoreCard® Rewards card to purchase merchandise.

Browse the general ScoreCards® site here.

  • If you don't yet have a CCU VISA Platinum Rewards Credit Card, you will not see the offers available only to CCU members. 
  • If you have your card, create a Username and Password (you'll need your 16-digit card number) to create your ScoreCards® account and see the special member offers.

Viewing Your Point Balance:

  • Through eBranch Online Banking: Once you have your card AND have earned some ScoreCard® points, you will be also be able to see your point count and the member version of the ScoreCard site when you log in to eBranch Online Banking and go to the Credit Card/Mortgage tab to view your credit card account. You will not be required to enter your Username and Password.
  • On the ScoreCard site: Visit and enter the Username and Password you created.
Good to Know:
  • Returned purchases will reduce your point balance by the amount of the return.
  • ScoreMore offers are valid only at the specific merchant location (address) shown in your offer.
  • You will receive periodic emails from ScoreCard headquarters with special offers and seasonal program information. The sender email address is Please add this to your list of approved senders so you don't miss any updates.
  • Your point balance as of the end of credit card statement cycle will be shown on your monthly CCU credit card statement.

Frequently Asked Questions about ScoreCard® Rewards

*Qualified purchases do not include cash advances, balance transfers, convenience checks, or returns. Returned purchases will reduce your point balance. Read complete program rules here.