Debit Card Disputes

Community Credit Union will strive to process your debit card dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.  If you should need to submit a dispute for a purchase made with your debit card, it is important that you provide us with pertinent details and all of the requested information.  Please be aware that we will be unable to process your request without all of the necessary information.

We will need the following to process a dispute for your debit card: 

1) A clear and legible letter stating the reason for the dispute. This letter should be as detailed as possible. At a minimum, we need the following details:

  • Your name (your name must be the name on the card used for the purchase of the product or service you are disputing)
  • Your debit card account number    
  • The dollar amount of the dispute (if the amount being disputed is different than the amount of the original purchase, please explain why)    
  • The names of the individuals you spoke with at the merchant regarding the dispute    
  • The dates of all conversations, emails, etc. relating to the dispute – please provide copies of all communications if you are able    
  • A detailed description of what you have done to try and resolve the dispute on your own – include the merchant’s actions or response in your description    
  • If the merchant offered an alternative that was not acceptable to you, explain why the offer was not acceptable    
  • Any additional details that you feel may be pertinent to the dispute

2) Your signature and date at the end of the letter.

3) Copies of all receipts, instructions, pamphlets, etc. that you received from the merchant for the product or service you purchased.

4) If you received actual merchandise, you must return the merchandise before we can process the dispute.  You will need to include a copy of your proof of return with your letter.

Refer to the Member Liability/Lost or Stolen Cards section of the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure within your Account Disclosure booklet for more information regarding your billing rights and limitations.

For Additional Assistance:
Please contact a Member Services Representative at 321.690.2328 (outside Brevard, 1.800.690.2338) or send an email to   For your security, DO NOT send other private information using this general email address.  Private, unpublished personal information or account information should ONLY be sent through Secure Email which is available within the Mobile App and eBranch Online Banking.