Direct Deposit

Tired of using your lunch hour to cash your paycheck? Sign up for Direct Deposit today and save yourself a trip. You can have any recurring payment deposited electronically to your account. This service is available for any recurring income source, like payroll checks, interest payments, and Social Security or other government payments.

The income source simply needs the member's account number and the routing number of the credit union to start the process. CCU can distribute paychecks into checking, savings, between several accounts, or even deposit funds to make loan payments.

What are the advantages of Direct Deposit?

It's Free, Fast and Convenient
Your funds will be in your account on payday whether you're sick, on vacation or just too busy. There is no cost to the member. Direct Deposit amounts appear in your account history just like a deposit you make in person.  They show on your monthly statements, online banking, and are available when you call Telli Account Access by Phone.

It's Safe
You don't have to be worried about your paycheck being stolen or lost. It goes directly from your income source to your account.

It's Reliable
You no longer have to wait for a check to be mailed or picked up.

How Do I Sign Up?
Your employer's Human Resources Department may have a specific form, but a CCU member service representative may also assist you.

Contact the Social Security Administration at 800.772.1213 to set up Direct Deposit for a Social Security check.  

CCU's Routing Number is needed for any Direct Deposit:  263 182 037

For Additional Assistance:
Please contact a Member Service Representative at 321.690.2328 (outside Brevard, 1.800.690.2338) or send an email to  For your security, DO NOT send account numbers or other private information using this general email address.  Private, unpublished personal information should ONLY be sent through Secure Email, which is available within the Mobile App and eBranch Online Banking.