Financial Education and Counseling

We are dedicated to providing our members with the knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions and look forward to a bright financial future.  Our employees are available to assist you, and we have established partnerships with companies that provide financial education that you can access at your convenience. 

If you are experiencing financial challenges and would like to discuss your CCU accounts and loans, please contact Member Solutions at 321.637.3115.

These are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL member services.


Clickable logo for BALANCE which directs to the BALANCE website | CCU of FL
BALANCE provides you with free, confidential access to financial counselors by phone and chat as well as course materials to help you gain expertise in various aspects of financial management. Click or tap on the image above to learn more.

A Balance counselor can assist you with anything from answering a question to assisting you over time with handling a financial challenge or learning how to set up a budget and gain control over your spending.  

Take online courses or listen to podcasts, create a budget, review and discuss your credit report, get one-on-one debt counseling by phone, speak with a Housing Counselor to develop a plan for purchasing a home, or contact a financial counselor by phone or chat for quick questions.  

BALANCE Online Programs to Guide You Towards Financial Success
This personal financial education center provides you with information about critical financial issues. Click here to learn more.

The Programs section offers more in-depth information via online courses that you can start and stop as you have time.

NOTE: To use any of the courses in the PROGRAMS section, you will be asked to set up a BALANCE account. This is free and confidential and is intended to allow you to access the program as needed. CCU does not receive information about who registers for a BALANCE account. You will not receive any marketing communications as a result of setting up a BALANCE account. The only communications you receive will be those related to a course you are taking. 



FoolProof Financial Literacy:
Financial literacy courses for students, parents, and teachers PLUS the Information Edge where you can get impartial, ad-free answers to questions about many consumer issues.  Courses are suitable for self-study or group/classroom presentation.  Click on the FoolProof image above for more information.

With a few clicks, this FREE member service will let you see your income and expenses all in one place so you can truly understand your spending habits and gain control of your money. Click or tap here to learn more and view a brief video.


Smart About Money
A service of the National Endowment for Financial Education. Get answers to common money questions, explore financial topics, take free online courses, take the LifeValues Quiz to better understand what drives your financial decisions.  Go To SAM


Budgeting Made Easy
MyBalance lets you create and manage a budget online.  This is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL member service. Your information is NOT shared with CCU. You can get started now and save your budget to finish later. You are able to view or update your budget any time. Once your budget is set up, uou will receive action steps to help make your money work for you! You can even schedule a confidential (and FREE) phone session with a financial counselor who will help you take your plan further. When creating your account, please select "Community Credit Union of Florida" as your "Referring Organization." Get Started Today! 


Military Consumers
A service of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A mobile-compatible financial readiness website to help members of the military community navigate personal financial decisions in light of the unique challenges they face, such as frequent relocations and deployment. Go to Military Consumer site