School Bucks Donation Program


Want to raise money for your school without having to bake anything, wash anything, or sell anything?

Register your CCU Visa Credit Cards or Visa Debit Card* into CCU's exclusive School Bucks Donation Program.   CCU will make a cash donation to the school you choose for each card you register.

No, it doesn't cost you anything!  Yes, your school gets the money.

  • CCU makes the donation; you pay nothing. 
  • The online form is safe, secure, and short.  
  • CCU will NOT share any card or member information with the schools.
  • Each card may be registered one time only during the program year.  If a card is registered more than once only the first registration will generate a donation. The program runs from August 1 through July 31 of each year.  One donation will be made for each card registered during that time. To donate for the next school year, register your card(s) again after July 31. 
  • If you have more than one CCU card in your household, each with a unique 16-digit number, you may register all of them.  You may select the same school for all registrations, or you may select a different school each time. Please submit one form per school and only submit each card once per school year.
  • CCU's standard donation is $5 for each card registered.  Schools may be offered special incentives to encourage participation.

Have your card handy and click here to submit your donation request today!

Urge your friends and family who are CCU Members to do the same and together we can provide a significant benefit to our schools.  

NOTE: This program is currently only available for Brevard's Public Schools.

*One registration per card. Cards must be associated with a valid CCU Credit Card Account or Checking Account. Program runs annually from August 1 through July 31 of each year. Registrations expire July 31 of each year. To generate a new donation, submit a new online registration after July 31. Program may be cancelled by CCU and program terms or amount of donation may be changed by CCU without notice. No member or card information will be provided to Brevard Public Schools or any third party. 

For Additional Assistance:
Please contact a Member Service Representative at 321.690.2328 (outside Brevard, 1.800.690.2338) or send an email to  For your security, DO NOT send account numbers or other private information using this general email address.  Private, unpublished personal information should ONLY be sent through Secure Email, which is available within the Mobile App and eBranch Online Banking.