Keep CCU In the Loop!

When you change your mailing address, email address, or phone number, please be sure to let us know so that you don't miss out on important communications regarding your CCU accounts.

If we don't have a valid mailing address on file for you, you will not receive any debit or credits cards that are re-issued to you, as cards are not forwarded.

IMPORTANT: Changing your address at the post office will NOT update your CCU records! Please take a moment to submit a Contact Information Update Form, stop by a branch, or fax your updated info as noted below. For your protection, we do not accept address changes by phone.

  • Please provide us with your current phone number, especially your mobile number if that is where we can most often reach you. Our account protection services will attempt to reach you first at your mobile number if a suspicious transaction is detected
  • Of course your mailing address is important, but your email address is also needed, as this is our primary means of communicating with our members.
  • You can update your address by logging in to eBranch Online Banking and submitting the online Contact Information Update Form. This form is located under the Additional Services option with in the grey menu bar at the top of the main online banking screen.
  • You can also update your information the next time you call or visit a branch, or by sending a faxed request to 321.636.3121. Please include your signature on your faxed request and a copy of your driver's license for verification.