Online Check Orders

If this is the first time you are ordering checks for your account, please call a Member Service Representative at 321.690.2328 (outside Brevard, 1.800.690.2338) to place your order.

If you have received checks previously for the account, even if you did not order them online, you may order online by logging in to eBranch Online Banking.

It's easy!

  • After logging on to your eBranch Online Banking account, select the "Additional Services" tab, and then choose "Order Checks"
  • In the Harland Clarke Check Ordering Service area, use the drop-down menu to select the account you want to order checks for and click Enter.
  • When advised that you will be connected to an external site, click OK.
  • Follow the directions on the Harland Clarke Check Reorder web site.

Purchases are automatically debited from the account for which you ordered the checks.

You may also choose an Express Delivery option by calling 1.800.355.8123.  You will need the routing number and account number that is located on the bottom of a check from your account or on the reorder form.   You can also find your electronic account number by clicking on the account name (i.e., BUDGET CHECKING) in the "My Accounts" section within eBranch Online Banking and then click on "See account details" in the menu box on the right side.  Your checking account number is the ACH number that is displayed.  Please note:  There is an additional charge for using Express Delivery.

For Additional Assistance:
Please contact a Member Service Representative at 321.690.2328 (outside Brevard, 1.800.690.2338) or send an email to  For your security, DO NOT send account numbers or other private information using this general email address.  Private, unpublished personal information should ONLY be sent through Secure Email, which is available within eBranch Online Banking.  Once you have logged in, click on "Support" in the upper right-hand corner and select the "Secure Email" link.

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