Workplace Lunch & Learn Programs

Who said there is no such thing as a FREE Lunch? Our "at work" financial education program is designed to feed your stomach while we stuff your brains with all sorts of important information about how to manage your money so you can prosper. There are twelve different classes to choose from.  If you would like CCU to conduct a Lunch and Learn at your place of business, contact Julie Clover for more information at 321.637.3153.


Everyday money challenges require a plan-financial goals and a budget. This session focuses on money as a form of exchange. Money has four purposes: to be spent, to be saved, to be invested, or to be donated. How are you doing?



Do you have too many bills and too little income? Do you need tools to manage your income, debt, and credit cards? Spend 30 minutes to get practical tips on making things happen in your financial life. Take charge today!



Each person has developed their own approach to handling money. In this session, you will look at your "Money Mind." By identifying your profile, you will be able to find possible solutions to daily and long-term money concerns.



Learn the benefits and pitfalls of using debit and credit cards as money management tools. Not all cards are the same. There are consumer protection laws, but you must follow the rules in your card contract. Know what's in your wallet!



You can become checkless and cashless. Debit cards replace checks and cash.
In this program learn to use this plastic financial tool wisely. Learn the benefits and the pitfalls of debit cards.



Most credit decisions are made by the numbers. How you score determines how your next home loan, car loan, and credit cards are granted and at what interest rate. Are you a high risk or low risk? In this program, lean what effects your score and how to improve it.



Be on guard! Keep your personal and financial records secure. Check your account statements and avoid situations where your information can be used by others. In this session, learn how to take quick action to protect your identity and recover if you have been targeted.



Do you know your "net worth"? How are your growing your financial resources?
This program shows how to build and value your assets and to reduce your liabilities (debt and bills). Are you on the road to being a millionaire?



Most people visit their doctor and dentist on an annual basis. A small number of people check their financial records, insurance policies, and estate plans on an annual basis. In this session you will learn the basics of estate and financial planning.



Every day consumers are being cheated and defrauded. Learn to be a wise consumer.
If it is too good to be true; it is most likely a fraud. In this program, you will learn how to prevent fraud losses by avoiding sales gimmicks, internet solicitations, special sales and personal contact situations.



From the day we are born, we begin to build our estate-our financial worth.
Wise use of income-budgeting and goal setting along with smart buying decisions can make your financial present and future bright. This program provides the tools for growing your estate.



As the baby boomers enter the ranks of the "retiree," many challenges will face them with reduced income and increased expenses. This session provides helpful tips on meeting the life of a retiree. Property taxes, gas prices, medical expenses, and home insurance increases are challenges on a fixed income.

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