Gen Y / Millennial / Gen Z

However you classify yourself (or even if you don't), the point is, you have time on your side if you make some sound financial choices. As a member-owned financial cooperative, you can trust Community Credit Union to provide you with the information that will help you make the choices that make money for you, not from you. 

Here are some products and services that may be of particular interest to those who want to establish credit, carve out some savings for emergencies and retirement, make and manage a budget, and become smart financial consumers.

You can do just about everything to manage your accounts online and on CCU's free mobile app, including becoming a member, but if you like to work with someone to get started, please visit a branch or call and speak to a Member Services representative at 321.690.2328 (outside Brevard, 1.800.690.2338).

First Time Borrower Program
Get a good rate on an auto loan or credit card wthout a co-signer.  MORE

First Time Homeowner Programs
CCU has the information you need to prepare for home ownership and the services and loan programs that make it affordable.  Ask about our money-saving HomeAdvantage Program and our exclusive Community Hero Loan. MORE

Personal Loans
These loans do not requre any collateral and can be a good alternative to a credit card when you are faced with unexpected expenses or would like to pay down credit card debt. MORE

Budgeting Made Easy
MyBalance lets you create and manage a budget online.  This is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL member service. Your information is NOT shared with CCU. You can get started now and save your budget to finish later. You are able to view or update your budget any time. Once your budget is set up, you will receive action steps to help make your money work for you! You can even set up a confidential (and FREE) phone session with a financial counselor who will help you take your plan further. When creating your account, please select "Community Credit Union of Florida" as your "Referring Organization." Get Started Today!

Financial Education
Whatever financial topic you want to conquer, CCU has a complete range of educational resources from brief videos to complete online courses. MORE 

Life Stages
Financial education grouped by a variety of topics, like Getting Started, Managing Debt, and New Beginnings. MORE

Member Solutions Program
If you are struggling to manage debt, need help setting up a budget, or just aren't sure you using the right accounts for your situation, our Member Solutions Representatives and BALANCE Counselors can help. MORE  

Get Serious About Saving
CCU's Serious Saver Account pays an above-market interest rate to help you kick-start a savings habit!  MORE

IRA Accounts
Don't wait for the ideal job or a bigger paycheck to start saving at least a few dollars every payday towards retirement. If you do not have a 401(k) plan with matching funds at work, or are just seeking a no-risk, insured investment for a portion of your retirement planning, consider a CCU IRA account or CD. No annual fees, and we consistently pay some of the highest rates in the market.  MORE