BPS History Project

CCU is working with Brevard Public Schools to create a visual history of public education in Brevard County.   Ultimately, we plan to have both an online archive of images and produce a video.  

As a first step, we are gathering images related to Brevard's public schools from the earliest days in the 1800's to the present.  If you have any photos, documents, drawings, or paintings related to people, events, classrooms, or buildings from Brevard's public schools that you feel would be of interest, we invite you to share them for this project.  

Things to Note:

  • Please do not provide school photos of individual students. 
  • Please identify any image with as much detail as possible.  Name the school and year, describe the event (graduation, homecoming, etc). 
  • CCU will respect any copyright noted on images. 
  • We will accept electronic images and physical items such as photos and albums.  Physical items will be scanned and returned. 
  • CCU, in cooperation with Brevard Public Schools, reserves the right to make decisions regarding the use of any image.  Receipt of an image does not indicate that it will be incorporated into any output resulting from the project. 

How to Submit Items: 

  • Email:  Attach image files totaling 10MB or less and send to ccu_Dropbox@ccuflorida.org (Dropbox not required)
  • Dropbox:  Files totaling more than 10MB can be placed in Dropbox.  You can create a free personal Dropbox, place your files there, and share with ccu_Dropbox@ccuflorida.org
  • Delivery:  If you have items such as photos, paintings, or albums, we will scan them and return to you. 
  • School Employees:   Send items via courier to ESS.   Please attach a description to the item and your contact information.  If you prefer, you may drop items off at your nearest             CCU branch.  Be sure to provide your name and contact information!
  • All Others:  Please send an email to ThompsonN@ccuflorida.org to make arrangements.  If you prefer, you may drop items off at your nearest CCU branch.  Be sure to provide              your name and contact information!

Thank you for your interest!  We will share progress here on our web site and on our Facebook page.