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Telli Telephone Access

Many of your Community Credit Union account transactions can be done in complete privacy with Telli 24-hour accunt access by phone.  To get started, all you need is a touch-tone telephone, your Community Credit Union share account number, and the last 4 digits of the primary account holder's Social Security Numbe.  Follow the prompts to create the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your choice.and your pin number. 

Follow the Telli prompts to:

  • Get account balances
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Get recent transaction history
  • Check on deposits, withdrawals, checks cleared, or any activity that has occurred

All Telli transactions will be listed on your monthly or quarterly statement of account.

How to access Telli:

  1. Call 321.631.4611 (outside Brevard, 1.888.636.4611).
  2. First-time users will be asked to enter the savings (membership) account number and the last 4 digits of the primary account holder's SSN.
  3. Telli will ask you to enter your savings number, followed by the pound (#) sign, then the security code (PIN), followed by the (#) sign.
  4. Just listen to "Telli" for instructions. Press the number for the transaction type you want and the (#). Follow the instructions given. After you are familiar with the transaction types, you may press the number for the transaction type you want without delay.
  5. You may ask "Telli" to repeat the options at any time. Just press 0 (zero).
  6. To return to the main menu at any time, press (*) at any time.

Tips for using Telli:

  • Press telephone buttons firmly
  • Press * to return to initial menu
  • When entering dollar amounts, do not use decimal points.
  • Press 0 (zero) to repeat a menu.
  • When authorizing transactions, you must identify both "from" and "to" accounts and then the amount
  • All transactions must be "confirmed" to be posted
  • Tax reporting information is available throughout the year (interest and dividends earned last year/current year to date)

Transfers from savings accounts are limited by federal regulation to 6 per calendar month.  If you typically need more withdrawals, open a CCU Free Checking Account.

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